Thursday, July 17, 2014

Instructions for the cuck

 Well this week has been a little slow the new Master has been working a lot so its just been mostly texts and e-mails sent to either the Goddess or myself. Which I kinda like because, I love the mystery of not knowing what the two are speaking about, it so adds to the excitement for this little worm cuck. The only thing I really know from there chats is that most likely they will have a Skype date on Sunday night alone with out me, this has me so worked up, thinking of what they will talk about and do. The Master has been sending me text's on items he wants me to buy for Goddess to wear for him on there first real life date, I will share a pic of the outfit once everything has arrived. The Master has also instructed me to start fully shaving, so I can be how a good sissy cuck should be. He also wants me to start my transition from wearing men's underwear to woman's panties. I was also instructed to send him a humiliating pic of my ass bent over and spread, which I did promptly for him. I am starting to really understand and learn my role in this relationship and I'm loving it.

Goddess little worm cuck

Monday, July 14, 2014


 I was playing around with a new makeup style yesterday for the new Master we have been chatting with, I wish you guys could have see it. I'm starting to become a new person, one that is feeling in control. I felt so sexy, and hot after taking some new pics for the Master. So I had my cuck get down and lick me till I came twice on his face. I even squirted, this is only the second time Ive ever had this happen "Wow what a feeling that was" I feel like I'm a caterpillar changing into a beautiful butterfly.
Soon I will feel the Masters beautiful large cock inside of me while my worm of a cuck kneels beside us both and worships our feet. I cant wait, its going to be heaven for this Goddess.
Till another time,
Goddess Scarlett

Saturday, July 12, 2014

I'm Back

We had a fantastic Saturday.  I didn't know how much I love to be ordered and to give orders.  I've never like this before.  The things he told me to do were so imaginative and sexy.  I felt worshiped while I was above the cuck on a hard chair.  I had trouble typing because I was so hot.  We were all included and part of the experience.  The only thing better would be to do it in person.  It's a little frustrating waiting, but it only adds to the sexual heat.  Been thinking about it all week while trying to work. It's an awesome distraction.  Since that night, the Bull has sent links to videos that shocked and turned me on.  To see a girl fucked by three men in a row while hanging out of a car, a cuck licking his Mistress and Bull from underneath while they fucked, and her cuck while he begged for more.  It was so dirty and hot.
Goddess Scarlett

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Update on possible new Master

Well I hope all had a good holiday, we got to have a long session chat with a potential new Master Sat. night. As I stated in the previous post we have been e-mailing this Master and thinking he could be special and after Sat. night we are really starting to believe this. He is so in touch with our needs and wants and also something in us just wants us to serve him. He had me on my knees for over two hours massaging Goddess Scarlett's pussy lips though her panties, while they chatted about many things. Finally after having the Goddess watch cuck videos and looking at caption pics and making her so horny and wet. He then ordered her to make herself cum and then send a pick of her swollen wet pussy to him after she came. So she got her favorite large toy and got herself off, all while i sat there and just watched not being allowed to touch myself. After she came and I took and sent the pic to him, he had us print it out; and then told me "worm"  jack that little cock till you cum over that picture because that's gonna be the last time your cum touches that pussy for a long time.  Wow it was so real and humiliating, but I loved ever minute of it, and Goddess was so into it. She is loving that we are back into living this life, I can see how her face shines now, and I'm so happy she is happy. We will be doing a Skype date and training session later this week, he will be sending instructions to me how to prepare Goddess and myself, we can't wait till we speak to him again. Here's the pic that Goddess sent to him after she came, and hopefully Goddess will post something in the next day or two once she gets some time
Goddess's cuckboy

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Been on a break

Ok well, we have been on a little break now for a few months due to health issues. But we are back and looking to get back fully to the cuckold lifestyle. We have been looking for a new Bull, one that is really more of a Master and trainer to the both of us. Someone who really knows the in's and out's of this kind of relationship, that can bring us along though his knowledge and wisdom. We have been e-mailing one such type of person, and we are hoping he turn's out to be that one. This month is also Goddess Scarlet's birthday and our marriage anniversary, does anybody have any ideas on something special for her on these days?
We would like to say thanks to Trash from as well as .
for putting a link to our blog on his site

Thursday, April 3, 2014

This time we were alone

Our Bull and I met at his place after excruciating wait of days and hours of driving.  That made the moment even better.  My cuck helped me get ready in the morning and begged for photos of the whole encounter.  We met at the door and again we consumed with each other.  He sent me a pic while I was driving of his magnificent cock at the ready, I almost orgasimed right there. I wanted to taste his cock and give him pleasure.  He raked his hands through my hair and moaned a little.  God that felt powerful.  I asked him to take a photo for cuck which we eventually did after I licked and sucked awhile.  Meanwhile, our cuck boy texted me he was dripping in his cage.  I imagined him on his knees maybe close enough to lick my feet.  And then my Bull was inside me slowing and deeply fucking me.  I was a bit distracted by cuming over and over, so there no photos for a little bit.  I really think I need a professional photographer or our cuckold to take pictures.  He was telling me the whole time that he owes my pussy and me and our cuck boy.  He knows just what to say to a girl.  While fucking me slow and deep, he fingered my ass.  Wow what a feeling of being claimed.  I've never had pleasure from anything near my ass.  It was always a painful and uncomfortable feeling if I allowed a lover near it.  Its never been sexy to me until then.  He only came after I had many times.  My pussy was full of cum and my whole body was like a puddle of jello.  I started to drift to sleep on my stomach for a minute and that's when he rolled on top of me, kissing my back and neck and sliding in my from the back. We got a great photo of this and texted it to our cuck boy.  I think the cuck boy nearly broke his cock cage.  Wow and then I had to somehow drive home.  Back at home, my cuck boy begged from more details.  He got them and I allowed him to suck my toes and I removed his cage.  I touched his little cock with my feet.  He wanted release but I made him wait a little.  I put a condom on his tiny prick and only allowed him inside me for a minute or two.  I couldn't feel it at all.  It felt like a finger because my bull has so ruined me.  I love it.  Apparently
the cock boy does, too.  He came hard in the condom and cleaned himself.  He followed the rules, so he was allowed release.  Now back to a smaller cock cage and my control.  He waited four days to cum.  Almost impressive for the first time, but he better improve.  Looking forward to next time.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Goddess getting ready to leave

I'm sitting here watching my Goddess getting ready to leave and go see her Bull; the site of my wife making herself beautiful and ready for another man is so hot and sexy , she is turning into such a sexy and strong woman. Right now my cock is straining in my cage and dripping like crazy ; knowing in just a little while she will be in pure pleasure in another man arms , kissing and sharing her body with him and not me. Last night she had me lay out her sexy clothing she would wear for him today, making sure your wife is sexy for another man and not you is so humbling , but very much a turn on for me. She has just kissed me goodbye and told me to be good and walked out the door to go be with him. This will be a long couple of hours.
Her Cuck boy.